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When she was six years old, Nina realized that she was different from her playmates. She was capable to see the aura of others. Believing that her gift was a « curse » she hid it for many years until she met other people like her and after a car accident and a NDE (near death experience) her capacity of perception improved even more.

Since that day, she hasn’t stopped her search all over the world to achieve a deeper knowledge of her gift and met several « guides » on her way. Today she is still as gifted as she used to be and has developed a good sense of intuition sees the auras and receives the flashes of what is going to happen.

After years of training and more than 25 years of therapeutical experience, she is an acclaimed therapist, who gives classes, consultations. Furthermore, she is a well-known lecturer (more than 300 conferences up to this day), has published several books and speaks several languages such as French, English, Italian and Spanish. She offers a multitude of different techniques such as:


The last few years she has also participated and represented her techniques a different trade fairs such as: MEDNAT in Lausanne and Geneva – “A la découverte de Soi”, Lausanne - Festival de parapsychologie & des sciences parallèles, Lausanne - Univers Indigo, Fribourg, etc. She has organized a trade fair during 2001 – 2005 specifically devoted to the Tarot called “le Salon du Tarot” thus aiming to promote “personal development”. Furthermore, she works closely with doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and is well known figure mentioned in several magazines, newspapers and has been invited as a guest on shows and radio.